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Grain Storage and Handling Project Trends

grain storage and handling trends

Increased speed and capacity are two of the biggest trends impacting grain storage and handling construction, according to a recent World Grain survey. According to respondents of a recent World Grain survey of equipment suppliers, the main trends impacting the grain storage and handling project construction are: Increased speed and Both impact the size of equipment and the infrastructure needed to support it. Proper product design and material usage is critical. Work systems are being pushed harder than ever, which means proper product design and material usage is critical for durability and longevity, said one supplier. Efficient on-site traffic flow

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Grain Storage Control System for Complete Grain Monitoring

Grain storage control system SPS

Grain storage control system. Complete grain monitoring from your Tablet! At SPS, we offer our customers an advanced control system to monitor their grain storage facilities. Within our offer of turnkey solutions for grain handling and storage, we include an electric cabinet run by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), connected to a PC. With this upgrade, customers can find out which processes are currently underway at their silo plant (drying, cleaning, handling, etc.) and select the operating mode (manual, automatic or maintenance mode). It also offers the possibility of remote maintenance. With this grain control system package, we offer a very interesting

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Square Silos: Main Advantages

Square silos

In what situation are square silos preferred versus round silos? A typical question raised by many of our clients in seeking optimal solutions for their storage projects. Before making such an important decision, it is necessary to know in which cases it is better to use a square silo instead of a cylindrical base and why. We’ll explain some notable points: When you need to store different products and qualities at the same time and in the same place or you have lack of space, the square silo is recommended, as this system can store 25% more product in the

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PRADO SPS Handling & Storage Solutions and Bandas Cortés Celebrating a Year Working Together

Partnership PRADO SPS and Bandas Cortes

PRADO SPS Handling & Storage Solutions celebrates the first year of collaboration with the company Bandas Cortés. Our partnership is bringing technological innovations to grain storage and drying facilities in Extremadura. We are really proud to work with Bandas Cortés in order to offer our customers a complete service, from identification of the need to installation, commissioning and preventive maintenance of facilities. We have carried out several projects in 2015 and even more projects are waiting for us in 2016, which indicates the good health of our brand in this market. Early next year, we will be exhibiting our new products

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