Turnkey Projects

We offer a complete turnkey service for all kinds of grain storage installations.

Excellent after-sales service and personalized customer service.

We take care of your project from the beginning to the end, coordinating all aspects such as the design, installation, foundations, civil works, and start up of all the equipment until the facility is fully operating.

A turnkey project is the best solution to manage and control your facility. At PRADO SPS we take full responsibility of all elements, always working with the best components, the best support and the most qualified engineers, who will make sure that all the elements are perfectly connected and the grain facility operates smoothly.


Advantages of a turnkey project

  • One of the main advantages of a turnkey project is that the customer receives a complete solution during the design phase and up to the start up of the facility. We study your needs to offer the option that best suits your project, with great versatility.
  • With this service, customers can benefit from our engineering expertise, our experience in manufacturing and assembly, the high quality of our products, and the high qualification of our staff. Thus, you can have a complete overview of the project from the beginning and are able to monitor all processes – storage, handling and treatment – in order to optimize the facility.
  • We offer our customers not only a smooth service, but also security and profitability in project management.


  • Engineering study and comprehensive analysis of the best solution.
  • Civil work.
  • Design and calculations.
  • Start up of the installation.
  • Provision of additional equipment such as weighers, dryers and cleaners.
  • Analysis, design and manufacture of ship loaders for port facilities.
  • Advanced control systems for grain storage and treatment.
  • An App for real-time monitoring of our storage plants (CENTINELA).