Grain Silos

Silos SPS

Grain Silos Made of High Strength Steel

We design and manufacture a wide range of grain silos depending on the needs of each storage project.


With capacities ranging from 50 m3 to 35,000 m3. We can also design stronger silos to resist even the most demanding conditions: seism, wind or snow.

We adapt to any type of grain and can provide any information concerning the analysis of ventilation, loading, foundations and other inquiries.

Each type of silo has its particularities, so the best option is the one that best suits your infrastructure strategy.

Contact us to get an estimate tailored to your storage needs.

Main features of the grain silos

  • All our grain silos are made of high strength steel S350GD, fully galvanized Z-600 (600 gr/m2) with vertical and externally bolted reinforcements.
  • Preformed butyl mastic (BSD) to seal connection panels and to join the cylinder and cone together.
  • Fixing plates with chemical ground anchors.

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Turnkey Projects

We also offer a complete turnkey service for all kinds of installations. Our main objectives are to offer an excellent after-sales service and a personalized customer service, which together with the high quality of our products make SPS the perfect choice for your grain storage projects.

Upon receipt of your request, our engineering team will analyze the best choice for your project and will contact you to offer anything you need to make the most of your installation.

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