Flat Bottom Silos

Flat bottom silos are the best solution in the case of long term grain storage.

They are suitable for capacities of over 2000 tons and extreme maintenance conditions.

PRADO SPS offers a wide range of flat bottom silos, based on our standard diameters, with the desired height. We also offer the complementary accessories so that the grain is stored and treated in the best possible way.

We can also design a customized storage solution with diameters adapted to any foundation and provide optimal conditions for the grain, depending on the grain type.


Main features of the flat bottom silo

  • Flat bottom silo made of high strength steel S350GD, fully galvanized Z-600 (600 gr/m2) with vertical and externally bolted reinforcements.
  • Completely bolted joints with 8.8 bichromated bolts and nuts with rubber washers.
  • Preformed butyl mastic (BSD) to seal connections panels.
  • Fixing plates with chemical ground anchors.
  • Ventilation shafts and ladder on roof.
  • Inspection door on the roof and on the second ring with access platform and interior ladder to access to the bottom of the silo.


  • Maximum level detector – pendular
  • Minimum level detector – membrane.
  • Top support for catwalk.
  • Lateral support for catwalk: (T2 – Two bodies).
  • Diagonal support for catwalk: (T1 – One body).
  • Thermometry System.
  • Access ladder to the roof with protection according to UNE-EN-ISO 14122 and rest platform every 6 meters.
  • Ventilation grilles on floor (up to 100%).
  • Discharge hopper.
  • Lateral discharge.
  • Manual and motorized slice.
  • Single and double catwalk.
  • Ventilation kit inside the silo.
  • Special reinforced designs for seism, snow and wind.


Data sheet

 Flat Bottom silos