Handling Equipment

maquinaria de transporte SPSBulk material handling equipment and machinery.

PRADO SPS specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial handling machinery for the transportation of bulk products, mainly grains.

With over 20 years of experience, we are able to offer customized machinery designs for special needs of production, length or environmental conditions.

We use high quality materials to develop the most appropriate solution for your grain handling project.

Our services include the engineering analysis as well as the selection of the best solution for each particular project by analyzing which machinery best suits our customers’ needs and optimizing the space, power and production required to keep the grain in good condition.

Main features of the handling equipment

  • Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards (ATEX, RTN-1).
  • We use specific materials protected against corrosion and chemical environments, and highly resistant to seism, wind and snow.
  • Our grain handling equipment ranges from 40m3 / h to 1500 m3 / h with special lengths and heights and complies with all security requirements.

Just tell us the capabilities you need and we’ll give you a quotation tailored to the requirements of your installation.

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