How to store grains safely

What are the main requirements to store grains safely. Most often, the value of the grain is usually greater than the cost of the structure in which it is stored. Minor expenditure in improving the quality of the storage can thus be quickly recovered if commodity losses are commensurably reduced. Compared to most other foodstuffs, such as meats and vegetables, grains are relatively easy to store. If grain is kept insect-free and below its safe moisture content, it will keep for many years with minimal loss of quality or nutritional value. Low temperature is an important factor in minimizing insect

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Square Silos: Main Advantages

Square silos

In what situation are square silos preferred versus round silos? A typical question raised by many of our clients in seeking optimal solutions for their storage projects. Before making such an important decision, it is necessary to know in which cases it is better to use a square silo instead of a cylindrical base and why. We’ll explain some notable points: When you need to store different products and qualities at the same time and in the same place or you have lack of space, the square silo is recommended, as this system can store 25% more product in the

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