Grain Storage Control System for Complete Grain Monitoring

Grain storage control system SPS

Grain storage control system. Complete grain monitoring from your Tablet! At SPS, we offer our customers an advanced control system to monitor their grain storage facilities.

Within our offer of turnkey solutions for grain handling and storage, we include an electric cabinet run by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), connected to a PC.

With this upgrade, customers can find out which processes are currently underway at their silo plant (drying, cleaning, handling, etc.) and select the operating mode (manual, automatic or maintenance mode). It also offers the possibility of remote maintenance.

With this grain control system package, we offer a very interesting product to our customers, allowing an easy and quick view of the silo plant status from anywhere in the world.


You just need a tablet and an internet connection and then you can use our maintenance manager system to monitor all the devices on each silo plant. The system will indicate the best moment to perform the maintenance, thereby increasing the endurance of the silo plant.


These control measures (both at the silo plant and via internet) provides great security. They offer a diagnosis of what happens in the silo plant from a remote location, and allows us to closely monitor it.

We’ll soon have more news on the control system of grain storage facilities. Stay tuned!

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