SPS moves forward in the Setareh project, a grain storage facility in Iran

Grain silos in Iran

The grain storage facility SETAREH in Iran is almost completed. It is constructed of a reinforced structure to withstand extreme snow and seismic conditions.

The project includes two flat bottom silos 14.56/21, with a total storage capacity of over 6,500 tons of cereal.

SPS has designed and analyzed the silos to provide the best solution, that in this case, is a non-standard model. The SPS Engineering team has strengthened the silo structure to support up to 0.35 g seisms and has included a support system for a snow load up to 140 kg/m2 on the roof.

The silo also has many accessories supplied by SPS, such as roof and side ladders, a double catwalk, maximum and minimum level detectors and a sweeper with a speed of 80 ton/h.

We continue to start new projects and expand collaborations in Iran, by offering the best storage solutions to our customers. SPS has a large team of distributors in the country, with high technical skills and great after-sales service.

View photos of the grain storage facility in Iran:

Grain storage facility in Iran Grain silos in Iran